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We actively partner with independent nonprofit organizations around the globe, helping train and develop artisan businesses for the mindful luxury fashion industry. We tap into communities of artisans and makers in disadvantaged locations to help promote their self-sufficiency and entrepreneurship while also building and developing their local economies. Our organizational partnerships include Women for Women International and other nonprofits in places like India, Indonesia, Italy, France, Kenya, Congo, and Mongolia.

Sustainability Metrics:

We believe the J. Cavallo consumer makes informed and inspired fashion choices. We’ve created these sustainability metrics to explain and promote our standards as part of our commitment to transparency and to effecting social and environmental transformation.

In recognition of these efforts, J. Cavallo has been awarded the prestigious interactive Butterfly Mark from Positive Luxury certifying that we are a 'Brand to Trust.' We will continue to assess the best, most responsible practices as we grow and as new resources and technologies become available.

USA Made

J. Cavallo supports local makers, craftsman, designers, and other small and local businesses in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint while simultaneously promoting microeconomic growth.

Artisan Quality

The unique designs in each J. Cavallo collection are made by artisans using age-old techniques rooted in regionally-specific traditions. Many of these pieces are created by hand, demonstrating the unique skill of the artisan and crafting one-of-a-kind pieces in a world of homogenized mass production.

Fair Trade and Living Wage Policies

At J. Cavallo, we believe the future of fashion relies upon sustainable conditions for all people involved: artisans, designers, farmers, employees, and consumers. We’re committed to creating our designs utilizing fair living wage policies and safe working conditions.

While we realize it is primarily the duty of governments to protect human rights and ensure fair and humane treatment of people in their places of work, we are committed to the concept of being the change we’d like to see in the world. If our policies work to improve the lives of the people who supply goods and services to J. Cavallo, our hope is that the same concepts will spread to others.

Supply Chain Controls

The materials for our J. Cavallo collections are manufactured and sources via a carefully-selected network of artisans, producers and suppliers from around the world. Many of them have worked with us since the brand’s launch in 2012, providing longevity and continuity that support our mission.

Charitable Partnerships

Several of the artisans and suppliers who contribute their products and creativity to J. Cavallo designs come from our partnerships with international NGOs and nonprofits like Woman for Woman International. We value these relationships, and the work of these organizations, and dedicate a portion of our profits to supporting their missions in building sustainable, circular economies that promote long-term solutions for the people and places they serve.

Organic Materials

Organic materials are those items grown without the use of harmful pesticides, herbicides, and genetically modified organisms (GMOs), or those fibers produced by animals who are fed without the use of artificial hormones and antibiotic treatment. In order to be labelled “organic,” items must carry a minimum of 95% organic content. J. Cavallo organic fiber products are responsibly sourced from producers who carry certifications conferred by independent, third-party verification organizations and marketed in accordance with federal labelling regulations.


J. Cavallo designs feature organic cotton and wool fabrics, which are produced using methods and materials with low environmental impact.

Organic cotton production seeks to respect the farmer/producer and their need for a living wage and utilize practices that eliminate chemical contamination, improve soil fertility, and produce fibers that carry hypoallergenic qualities for easier wear and less irritation to human skin.


Wool is a naturally-sourced technical material, providing the benefits of warmth and durability while also offering natural breathing and wicking characteristic, antibacterial properties, and fire- and water-resistance. As a natural fiber, wool also offers complete biodegradable properties.

J. Cavallo wool and wool blend fabrics are sourced from producers who meet Cradle to Cradle™ Certified Standards, as well as those who have received the highly-coveted and globally-respected Woolmark Certification.


J. Cavallo uses silk sourced primarily from traditional sources in the Lake Como region of Italy. We also utilize ahimsa, or peace silk, whenever possible, if the quality and quantity available is suitable for our designs. Peace silk differs from commercial silk in that it allows silkworms to turn into moths and emerge naturally from their cocoons in forest surroundings. Peace silk is then forest harvested once the moths have left their cocoons.

Sourcing adequate quantities of peace silk can be difficult, and due to its interference-free production, quality can sometimes suffer. J. Cavallo weighs these factors against our brand commitment to high production quality fashion when sourcing our silks.


Our J. Cavallo designs and materials are made without the use of animal testing, and with by-products from animals raised humanely. This process ensures animal health and safety, including safe shelter practices, pasture grazing, and quality veterinary care.

Recycling/Reclaiming/Repurposing (Circular System)

J. Cavallo is committed to utilizing recycled or reclaimed materials whenever possible. Our reconditioning process repurposes materials, making them suitable for new uses and minimizing the flow of discarded clothing and fashion materials into landfills.

In recognition of our efforts J. Cavallo has signed the Global Fashion Agenda's  2020 Circular Fashion System Commitment, committing to: 

1. Implementing circular design strategies.  By 2020, we will implement circular design strategies in at least 50% of collections, with a focus on recyclability and recycled materials.

2. Increasing the use of recycled textile fibers. By 2020, we will increase the use of post-consumer textile fibers to 25% of our collection through continuously strengthening and investing in carefully selected partnerships.

We will continue to assess the best, most responsible practices as we grow and as new resources and technologies become available.